Bear Bag – Deluxe

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The Deluxe Bear Bag comes complete with everything for that trip, hike, or holiday. All in a waterproof storage bag. SKU BBX-0025


Kit includes:

  1. 225g Bear Beware Bear Spray
  2. 225g Black Holster
  3. Mini Air Horn with pouch
  4. Alert Whistle with Lanyard
  5. Bear Bell
  6. Deluxe Pyrotechnic Kit - includes with case, 6 Red Signal Flares, 6 Bear Bang Cracker Shells. For use with SG-67 Pen Launcher, also included.
  7. Waterproof Storage Pouch
Bear Bag – Deluxe
Bear Bag – Deluxe
Bear Bag – Deluxe

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